I’ll take one Lumberjack to go please..

The perfect man, is he a myth?

100 percent.

But hey, a gal can dream right?!


I mean where would we be without a little fantasy in our lives hey? A dream to get us through the cold and lonely winter nights…

The beautiful thing about the ‘perfect’ guy? Every gal’s dreamboat is different, I mean I can tell you right now I know a lot of people will read mine and screw their noses up.


What is my imaginary guy like I hear you ask? Picture this…

I like to think that the general description of my dream dude would fit under a label like ‘Lumberjack Chic’.

Big, burly, hairy.

Just throw me over your shoulder and run away with me please.


Broad? Yes. Big tree truck arms? If you insist. Flannel shirt and some facial hair? Stop now coz I’m getting all hot and bothered.


I’m probably somewhat the anti-feminist for saying this but if I was to build-a-boyfriend he’d probably be the quintessential man’s man in terms of masculinity. I like a take charge personality, I like a man who is interested in doing things and making things and will tell me when I’m being a tad ridiculous or call me out when I’m being a bitch.

I’m a lot to handle, I know that; I mean hell, look at how much I blabber on incessantly to you guys.

Imagine dealing with that all day erryday, dudes gotta have metaphorical balls to pull me up, I gots opinions on opinions and I ain’t scared to share ’em.

I feel like I’m making myself out to be a nightmare, but I swear I’m not all bad. Most of all I suppose I just want someone who is like me, passionate and not afraid to speak their mind.


But honestly, really, just mostly the big, burly lumberjack thing.


If that sounds like you, give a gal a call won’t ya?



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