The couch or the club?

Guys I have an issue.
It’s a humdinger.
You see, as I near closer to the big 3-0 point in my life; dressing up in teeny dresses and heels on a Friday or Saturday night and heading out to the hottest bar in town to meet other hot singles and drink and dance and be merry has gotten less and less enticing, and my couch, a glass or seven of wine, some takeaway Thai food and a movie has become a hell of a lot more so.


“That doesn’t sound like a problem Courtney, that sounds utterly delightful,” I hear some of you say, and you’d be right…to a degree.


The problem?

Well for some ridiculous reason apparently you need to go out and be sociable to meet people. Apparently I can’t meet the love of my life sitting on my lazy arse at home. I mean yeah, MAYBE I’ll swipe right on him on Tinder, but if I invite him over to hang on my couch on a Saturday night there’s a risk in sending the wrong message about what kind of relationship I’m looking for. Ya know what I mean?


Now look, I don’t hate going out, I don’t hate dressing up, in fact I still really love it, but honestly? Given the choice between the two scenarios, option two just really speaks to me on a deeper soul level.

So what is a gal to do?


I know I’m still young, but 26 year old me just does not recover like 18 year old me.

Seriously, it’s not fair!
Back when I was living on res at uni, we would be going out two or three nights a week. How the shit did we do that?!

Now I’d be lucky to go out twice a month, and instead of being immediately cured by a greasy brekkie, a nap and a couple of panadol, I need an IV drip, three days hibernation and the entire maccas menu.


I think part of the issue is the fact that when I do go out I feel like an old hag.


You know when you were 18 and you’d go out, and all of the people who were a few years older than you at school would be like “NO WAY are you old enough to be out?!” and you’d be like “I’m 18 dammit”?? Its like that except now instead of me just being a few years older, I’m like 8 or 9 years older and by proxy a senior citizen.
Do you think we can create bars specific for age ranges?

Like they check your ID when you go in, not to make sure you’re legal, but to ensure you’re between the age of 25 and 35?

Coz I would be DOWN for that.


And I’m not saying I hate 18 year olds, I admire your stamina and I’m hella jealous of your fast metabolisms; I love you guys but hot damn I just can’t compete with you all and you make me feel old AF.


So where does that leave me?


I’m hoping that next year, when I am working a proper job and not living the poor uni student life that maybe my social life will develop into a bit more of an exciting endeavour.

Until then, I think I’ll save my slinky dresses for the most special of occasions and make the most of my one true love;

the couch.




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